Meet Bradley

February 11, 2018

Two years ago, when Bradley first came to the ASD Adult Achievement Center, he wanted to contribute to something beyond himself. He wanted a job. He never had a job before, and wasn’t sure where to start. As anyone who has been on the job hunt knows, it can be overwhelming. Where do you look for a job? What do you write on your resume? How do you ace the interview questions?

ASD Achiever

He took the first step and enrolled in the Career Success Shop program.  The program provides career coaching and training to learn the necessary job search skills, interview skills and resume building skills. But before he even started, he had to adjust his mindset. Bradley is smart and witty, but struggled believing it was possible. “I felt like I couldn’t bring anything to the table,” said Bradley. “But Paula and the ASD Adult Achievement Center was great for emotional support, inspiring a positive attitude, and encouragement.”

Now Bradley is working with Jewish Academy of Orlando and Jewish Family Services. You can find him in the library or answering questions at the front desk. He is continuing to hone his career skills while he gains experience. A self proclaimed computer and all-things-tech lover, he would love to work in the technology industry in the future. It is exciting to see how far Bradley has come, and when he talks about the last two years, you can clearly see where he is headed!

Meet Patrick

January 23, 2018

If you ask Patrick how he envisions his future, the sky is the limit. He sees himself graduating college and acting. He also sees himself continuing to teach children’s church, mentoring, and working. Patrick is always looking forward and is up to something new.

ASD Achiever

Patrick lives his passions, and while there is no limit to what he can achieve, sometimes all these passions collide and he needs a route to accomplishment. We have all been there. You get in the car, you know where you want to go, but the first fork in the road causes you to pause. For someone like Patrick, with so many places to go, he needed a road map. That’s when he started Launch Pad.

Patrick has participated in many of the programs available at the ASD Adult Achievement Center, but his experience in Launch Pad gives him the tools necessary to build a solid foundation. He is learning how to prioritize and set goals in a supportive environment. Patrick says, “Paula encouraged me to, especially in Launch Pad, think of my goals and where I want to be and how do I get there.”

Patrick undoubtedly has the drive, but having the tools to successfully navigate his own success is an important step to achieving everything Patrick sees in the future.  If life is highway, plan to see Patrick cruising with the top down.

Meet Rick

December 15, 2017

When you meet Rick, the first thing you’ll notice about him is his upbeat and positive attitude. Rick recently accepted a dream job offer as a Tax Staff Accountant with PricewaterhouseCoopers. We are so excited for him, and couldn’t help but recognize all his achievements over the last year. 

ASD Achiever

When Rick first came to the ASD Achievement Center to work with Paula, he resisted. He admits, those first few visits were because his parents encouraged him to go. As he continued to attend, his mindset changed. “I started coming to the Center for myself and even after my parents said I didn’t need to,” said Rick. As Rick explains, Paula’s programs targeted all the things he needed help with and she was a “trusted adult who understood his point of view.”

When he came to the ASD Achievement Center, Rick struggled with organization and structure. He and Paula focused mainly on how to create structure in his life that would help him achieve his goals. One of which was getting a staff accountant position. Paula was able to work with him and provide tools like using calendars to help him schedule and manage his day-to-day activities. 

Going through the PEERS® program and becoming a Program Assistant gave him the opportunity to practice social skills in an understanding environment with other young adults on the spectrum. Rick says, “even if you don’t think you need it, it’s always good to get a refresh.”

As Rick’s first day at the new job gets closer, he knows that his experiences at the ASD Achievement Center will be a helpful as he grows in his new position. We know Rick’s achievements won’t stop there, and we are so excited to see what happens next!

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