Alex “Dax” Bonenfant

I’m a visual artist who was born and raised in Central Florida. I love creating digital illustrations, comics, animatics, and character designs. When I’m not drawing, I enjoy spending my time listening to music or playing video games, though these both continually inspire me to keep creating.


Lionfish Healing:

This was my final project for a high school portfolio class, and is my most complex drawing. The piece combines creative skills learned that year with important fundamentals that were used in several other illustrations created for that class. This drawing has a lionfish merfolk, who is healing fish inside of bubbles, and is surrounded by a coral reef.


Though this isn’t my most detailed illustration, it is one of my personal favorites and holds a special place in my heart. It started as a digital warmup sketch along with a few others in the same file, and I enjoyed the result of that sketch so much that I took some time to finalize it and use it as inspiration for a story. This drawing has 2 characters, one who’s a mermaid, and the other who’s a Deaf woman signing a declaration of love.

FanComic Godzilla and Spongebob Crossover:

This comic was created as a birthday present for a friend, but became my favorite comic I’ve made so far. I created it by looking up the quote I wanted to use,  then wrote a script, and created a sketch while referencing the characters I wanted to draw. Then I added detail and experimented with shading in order to easily repeat my method in later comics. This comic is a reenactment of a skit from Spongebob using characters from Godzilla.

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