Meet Patrick


If you ask Patrick how he envisions his future, the sky is the limit. He sees himself continuing to teach children’s church, mentoring, and working. Patrick is always looking forward and is up to something new.

Patrick lives his passions, and while there is no limit to what he can achieve, sometimes all these passions collide and he needs a route to accomplishment. We have all been there. You get in the car, you know where you want to go, but the first fork in the road causes you to pause. For someone like Patrick, with so many places to go, he needed a road map. That’s when he started Launch Pad.

Patrick has participated in many of the programs available at the ASD Adult Achievement Center, but his experience in Launch Pad gives him the tools necessary to build a solid foundation. He is learning how to prioritize and set goals in a supportive environment. Patrick says, “Paula encouraged me to, especially in Launch Pad, think of my goals and where I want to be and how do I get there.”

Patrick undoubtedly has the drive, but having the tools to successfully navigate his own success is an important step to achieving everything Patrick sees in the future.  If life is highway, plan to see Patrick cruising with the top down.