VIPWorks is a partnership between ASD Adult Achievement Center and Bright Feats Directory. We offer a vocational “Skills Lab” training program to include on-the-job experience working in a variety of computer programs and other technology-related disciplines. Our program encompasses print and digital production skills, problem solving skills, entrepreneurship skills, career readiness, developing communication skills for employment, successfully completing identified tasks in appropriate time, and interpersonal skills such as making eye contact and social thinking in the workplace.

Hard Skills Lab

  • Photoshop, Powtoons, Canva
  • Input text, graphics and photos in publications
  • Use software to format and edit videos
  • Combine graphics & text to create social posts
  • Access & manipulate data in shared documents
  • Input information into prescribed templates

Soft Skills Lab

  • Social communication in the workplace
  • Collaboration and team building
  • Time management
  • Problem solving to resolve challenges
  • Managing anxiety in the workplace
  • Critical thinking skills

Program requirements include:
• Over 18, graduated from high school and motivated to participate in program
• Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism, ADHD or PDD-NOS diagnosis with no disruptive behavior
• Registration with Vocational Rehabilitation (if participant wants to be paid)
• Must have a job goal in the print and/or digital production field
• Attend work sessions 2 times a week, in 4-hour sessions
• Must have transportation or be willing to use Lynx, Uber, etc (bus passes available)


  • Julia Spence
  • Priya Chobe
  • Alina Alvarez


8 hours per week
8 weeks

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