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Social Skills

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PEERS® is a 14-week evidence-based social skills training program for ASD adults who are interested in learning skills to make and keep friends and develop romantic relationships.

Expressive Arts

Expressive Arts is a 7-week art class designed to help better manage anxiety and stress while increasing one’s overall well being and sense of wonder.

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VIPworks is a partnership between ASD Adult Achievement Center and Bright Feats Directory.

Executive Functioning Skills

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Task Masters

Task Masters is a step-by-step group coaching program designed to help ASD adults develop the necessary executive function skills needed to meet daily responsibilities.

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Youth Peer Mentoring

Peer Mentoring is an intensive, time-limited self-advocacy training service. This service uses “like-aged” peers to help youth learn how to self-advocate for the community, social and professional supports needed to…

Independent Life

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Launch Pad

Launch Pad is a step-by-step life coaching program designed to launch ASD adults into greater independence.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Life Coaching looks towards the future, and setting goals, as opposed to counseling or therapy that delves into past traumas or events.

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Self Advocacy is designed for ASD adults to develop the skills needed to better communicate their strengths, abilities when interviewing with potential employers or applying to trade schools, colleges. 

Career Development

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VIPWorks is a partnership between ASD Adult Achievement Center and Bright Feats Directory. We offer a vocational “Skills Lab” training program to include work experience in a variety of computer programs and…

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Job Placement Services

Job Placement – Here at ASD Adult Achievement Center, we have the honor and privilege of working with a population of high functioning young adults on the autism spectrum.

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Career Success Shop

Career Success Shop has been designed to help you understand your skills, interests and values as you think about your future. It will help you to match your strengths to possible careers.

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