Youth Peer Mentoring

Youth Peer Mentoring is a personalized, self-advocacy training service. This service pairs the participant with a mentor that is alike in age and specialty to help the participant learn how to advocate for themselves in the community, as well as in social and professional situations. The mentor is available to provide support and assistance the participant may need to effectively transition into post-secondary training, education, and employment.

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Mentoring Services Include:

• Informing of available services in the
• Assisting with application processes
• Helping participant schedule appointments
• Discussing college options/arranging
campus tours
• Helping participant participate in job fairs
• Coaching on interpersonal communication
• Assisting with identifying transportation
options in the community

peer mentoring participants smiling and talking

Program participants must be 18 or over, graduated from high school and motivated to participate.  
TIME – 2 hours once a week for 10 weeks

Youth Peer Mentoring Instructor

Kris Mercado Lugo

Frequently Asked Questions

What is executive function in autism?

Executive function is a set of mental skills that include working memory, flexible thinking, and self-control.

How can my adult with autism learn professional skills?

One of the ways young adults with autism can learn professional skills is by having a mentor. In our Peer Mentoring program, the participant is paired with a mentor that is alike in age and speciality to help the participant learn how to advocate for themselves in the community, as well as in social and professional situations.

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Executive Function

Our Executive Function workshops help teach young adults with autism how to plan, focus attention, remember instructions, and successfully juggle multiple tasks.
Instructor guiding class through workshop

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Independent Life

Our Independent Living workshops encourage greater independence and personal growth by teaching community safety, handling finances, self-care, vocational skills, and more.
Job Placement participants
peer mentoring participants

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Life Coaching looks towards the future, and setting goals, as opposed to counseling or therapy that delves into past traumas or events. Learn more

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Social Skills

Our Social Skills workshops focus on timing, attention, provide support for enhancing communication, social behaviors and sensory integration.
young adults playing a game at PEERS group

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Career Development

Our Career Development workshops assess the skills or resources a person has and can develop, and how to make a successful move into the working world to help gain independent living.
soft skills learning participants
ASD Participants in a workshop working on assignments

Job Placement-Here at ASD Adult Achievement Center, we have the honor and privilege of working with a population of high functioning young adults on the autism spectrum. Learn more

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VIPWorks is a vocational “Skills Lab” training program to include work experience in a variety of computer programs and other technology-related disciplines. Our program encompasses print and digital production skills… Learn more

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Paul Moran
Paul Moran
September 27, 2021.
I'm currently a part of the VIPWorks program, started going a few weeks ago. Everyone I met there has been amazing, very friendly and helpful too.
Scarlett Flames
Scarlett Flames
August 30, 2021.
I’ve been taking the task masters program for seven weeks and it has helped me a lot with my daily life. I’m really happy to be here.
Elias Piccard
Elias Piccard
August 30, 2021.
I am currently in the Taskmasters program and I am learning a lot about myself and being able to share my goals and have great instructors teaching me the fundamentals and getting to where I want to be in the future.
Priya Chobe
Priya Chobe
July 12, 2021.
I can confidently say that this organization is one of the best places you can sign up with if you are an adult on the spectrum who needs help with developing any kind of area in your life, including: social skills, independent living skills, self-advocacy, job readiness skills and vocational skills, and much more! I have personally seen dozens grow from joining and participating in these programs. In addition, every single staff member—as well as the founder herself—put every fiber of their being towards helping clients and creating a safe, positive environment for everyone.
Ryan Stauffer
Ryan Stauffer
June 23, 2021.
ASD Adult Achievement Center is truly a remarkable place to work at. There, I've met a lot of people that go through similar challenges that I also face. Here, I've learned all sorts of new techniques that will help more when I'm in a workplace to improve from the struggles that I have been going through and I have made many designs of creativity in the working environment.
Bella Lavoie (MarieWalker14)
Bella Lavoie (MarieWalker14)
January 20, 2021.
Amazing. Very kind people who want to help. Wonderful atmosphere.
Jeffrey Korentur
Jeffrey Korentur
November 24, 2020.
There are not enough superlatives to describe the amazing work that Paula, MaryAnn, and the entire staff do every day. Our son found a community, friends, life skills, and new found optimism for his future. This organization is more than worthy of your attention, inquiry, and support. Thank you to the entire team for the positive, life changing mission that you embody and share everyday!
Lori Dahan
Lori Dahan
November 24, 2020.
I cannot rave enough about this organization! Kudos to Paula and all the staff for creating an incredible environment filled with warmth, kindness, and programs perfectly suited for the needs of young adults on the spectrum.

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